Solar Power Grants

Renewable energy is definitely here to stay in our country and solar power grants are a great way to help you take advantage of that energy source. Utilizing solar power is not only a good way to cut down on your energy costs, it’s also good for our planet.

Unfortunately, changing from conventional means of supplying energy to your home is expensive. Renewable energy sources such as solar power cost more than gas or coal, at least initially. That’s where solar power grants can help with expenses and offset some of this initial cost.

There are several sources of these solar power grants. Some local utility companies will provide grants to homeowners in areas where it’s not feasible to construct utility lines. State governments also make grants to homeowners to cover at least some of the expense of installing renewable energy systems.

By far the most money available for solar power grants is from the federal government. There are two types of grant monies available. One is in the form of tax credits. The program that established these credits expires in 2016. The credits cover 30% of the cost of installing your system. One disadvantage of this program is that you have to buy and install the system, then apply for the tax credits.

Another source of government solar power grants is from the Housing and Urban Development Department. A total of $250 million is available through the Assisted Housing Stability and Energy and Green Retrofit. Qualified homeowners can invest in renewable energy projects such as solar or wind power.

The United States Department of Agriculture has monies available for ranchers and farmers in rural areas to buy and install systems like solar and wind power. These monies can be used to pay up to 25% of the cost of the project, with a cap of $500,000.

While these grants are available, there are other things you must be aware of when applying. Look for tips in the next blog.

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