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Welcome to Alternate Energy’s World!…

…A World Where Energy Independence is a Reality…

…A World Where Getting Paid to Shrink Your Carbon Footprint Happens…

…A World Where The Future of Solar Energy is Made Possible In the Present.

“It’s always morning in America” – Ronald Reagan

“Energy Independence is the moral equivalent of war” – Jimmy Carter

Discover why for more than 40 years, our clients have told us, “This is the best investment we have ever made!”

Some of our solar systems are more than 35 years old, with little or no maintenance and have returned up to 1000% or more of their original cost to their owners.

Are your CD’s and other investments not giving you peace of mind? Turn your sun light into tax-free, inflation-free CASH. Turn the tables with your own solar bank, with annual returns and residual income up to 50%/year! With the government creating money out of thin air, we are seeing inflation where it counts…at the fuel pump, the grocery store and other necessities of life.


Curious about all those Solar-for-$0-down “Free” Solar plans out there? The catch is YOU pay for the power (anywhere from 10 to 19 cents per KWhr), and typically your savings is only 10%-30% off your bill. Some of you have probably checked into these schemes. Fat-cat out-of-state investors own the solar panels and promise to maintain the system, which is maintenance-free. You may pay less for the electricity you buy, but you are still buying electricity from someone else for up to 20 years, still not owning the energy supply on your roof, not enjoying the added resale value to your property, NOT CONTROLLING YOUR DESTINY!!

We have a new $0-down plan, where:

1) You keep all the incentives and benefits.
2) You pay about half or less of what your paying now for the electricity you generate.
3) The plan lasts for 10 years, and the loan is paid off.
4) Then your electricity is free going forward.
5) Contact us to see how we can get you money ahead, like getting paid to go solar.

With the signing of various Energy and Stimulus Bills of 2005, 2006, 2008, and 2009, America has drawn a line in the sand. Now it is up to us in Massachusetts as more new wealth and social opportunities have opened for millions of Americans to lessen their dependence on traditional supplies of fossil fuels and electricity. We have some of the best solar incentives in the country but they are running out by the end of 2014, so act now.

Never before has it been so affordable to make the investment in energy conservation and production for one’s own home or business.

The Time to Go Solar is Now… The People to Call… Alternate Energy in Plymouth Massachusetts.


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