Commercial Savings With Solar

Making the decision to use the power of the sun is a smart business move because of the commercial savings with solar systems.

Not only are there monthly savings on utility bills, there are also solar incentives that can decrease the initial investment and an increase in property values much of the time. These commercial savings with solar add to the bottom line of many businesses.

With utility costs expected to rise each of the next five to ten years, taking advantage of the commercial savings with solar energy is good business. Using solar energy will keep you from feeling much of the effect of what may become dramatic swings in energy rates. The possible savings from federal and state rebates may lower initial costs by as much as 50%.

In addition to the commercial savings with solar energy, your business gets a powerful marketing tool and a strong public relations emphasis.

Plus, solar systems are exceptionally reliable for long periods of time with little to no maintenance. This cuts your maintenance costs even more, adding to the commercial savings with solar energy.

Combining all of the possible federal incentives for solar energy use can add up to 55% of the cost of a new solar system. You may be able to lower this cost even more with state incentives.

The Federal Investment Tax Credit gives you the option of a 30% tax credit for purchasing a solar power system. This tax credit program was extended for solar projects through December 31, 2016. A great incentive to add to the commercial savings with solar energy.

Your business can also recover more solar costs through the Modified Accelerates Cost-Recovery System from the federal government. Your accountant will know how to use this modified depreciation to increase your commercial savings with solar energy.

Keep Alternate Energy of Plymouth, MA, in mind for giving you direction in using your solar system in your business. They can help you see how to maximize your commercial savings with solar energy. Contact them today at 800-327-6527.

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