Solar System Myths

In spite of the fact that alternate energy has been used more and more in recent years, there are still solar system myths that hang on. Where these myths come from and what keeps them going aren’t known. But clearing up these myths may help people understand better the benefits of going solar.

One of these solar system myths has to do with the amount of energy required to make the systems compared to the amount of energy they will produce over the life of the system. It seems many people believe it takes more energy to manufacture these systems than they can possibly produce.

The fact is, solar systems can produce energy over as much as 30 years. The amount of energy required in their manufacture is only about 1-4 years worth of their output. Thus, solar systems can help you gain 26-29 years of electrical energy. Not a bad return on investment!

Another of the popular solar system myths says solar systems are too expensive for general usage. In fact, the technology used in solar systems has decreased in cost yearly since its introduction. And considering rising utility rates and the ability to return electrical energy into the grid when using solar systems, going solar is equivalent to a rate of return of about 12 to 15% per year.

Another solar system myth: solar panels don’t work in cold weather. In fact, the opposite is true. Solar panels generally work better in cold weather. Air temperature doesn’t make much difference to solar panels. They work on the amount of sunlight and UV rays available.

Yet another solar system myth has to do with damage to your roof. Some people believe solar systems cause roofs to leak and even collapse. Actually, solar systems help protect your roof. They cover a part of the roof, providing protection from weather and even sunlight. They are easily removed if repairs to that section of the roof are needed.

Finally, some people believe they won’t live in their home long enough to get back the cost of installing a solar system. The fact is, solar systems increase the value of your home. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has estimated for each $1,000 you save in electric costs every year, your home value increases by $20,000.

When you’re ready to consider solar systems, or if you’ve already decided to install one, call Alternate Energy of Plymouth, MA, in mind for doing your inspection and for giving you direction in installing your solar system. Contact them today at 800-327-6527.

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