Another Alternate Energy Source

Wind turbines for residential use are not often thought of as an efficient alternate energy source. But they can lower your electric energy costs by 50% — or more.

This alternate energy source may be one of the most effective residential energy replacements. It is renewable, with zero emissions and pollution. Hard to get more “green” than that.

A wind energy system for your home can be either off-grid or connected to your local grid. It is a good choice for areas that are far enough outside the city not to be connected to the grid yet.

Installing an alternate energy source like a wind turbine can be efficient and effective if done right. With a wind turbine, you need to live on an acre or more of land. The Department of Energy’s Guide to Small Wind Electric Systems recommends this. Part of the reason is you will need a tall tower on which to install the wind turbine. At least 80 to 100 feet tall for residential use.

Another reason for having this much land is to have as few obstructions to stop the wind as possible. There’s more possibility of having a sufficiently high average wind speed in a non-residential area. Also, in a more rural area, you’re less likely to run afoul of zoning or homeowners’ association rules.

Combining wind and solar alternate energy systems may also be a viable option. This combination is especially effective if your goal is to live off the grid.

If you’re interested mainly in producing your own electric power, staying connected to the grid would be a good option. This way, any excess electricity you produce would go into the grid. At those times when your need is greater than what you produce, you can draw from the grid. These systems may be less expensive because you can install a smaller system. Plus, there is the possibility of getting money back from your electric utility if you keep on generating more than you need and putting the excess into the grid.

Another plus for this alternate energy source is the federal tax credit of 30% you’ll qualify for.

One caution: Don’t mount your wind turbine system on your roof. The turbine must be well above your roofline to generate any electricity.

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