Solar Power Grants

Renewable energy is definitely here to stay in our country and solar power grants are a great way to help you take advantage of that energy source. Utilizing solar power is not only a good way to cut down on your energy costs, it’s also good for our planet. Unfortunately, changing from conventional means of read more..

Another Alternate Energy Source

Wind turbines for residential use are not often thought of as an efficient alternate energy source. But they can lower your electric energy costs by 50% — or more. This alternate energy source may be one of the most effective residential energy replacements. It is renewable, with zero emissions and pollution. Hard to get more read more..

Solar Energy Storage

Solar energy storage is becoming more and more vital since over 48 percent of new electricity added to the national grid in the first quarter of 2013 was solar. Generating solar energy is getting easier and easier every day. Now we need to produce more efficient, effective, and safe ways to store it. Finding and read more..

Financing Solar Energy

Solar energy is growing in popularity, due mostly to the potential savings on electricity bills. This energy is produced by installing photovoltaic cells on your roof or somewhere else on your property. These cells are oriented to capture as much of the sun’s energy as possible. The sunlight is changed into electricity which then can read more..

Solar Panels and Winter Weather

Solar panels? In the winter? With snow and cold? Really? Yes, really. Winter weather with cold and snow and ice usually leads to an increase in energy use to keep homes warm. The possibility exists for this increased usage to lead to shortages in the fuels typically used for this energy. That then leads to read more..

Solar Energy – The Future of Light and Heat

Solar Energy Contractors in MA No matter whether you are for or against the idea of solar energy, it could very well be the future of both light and heat for homes in the U.S. A big part of the reason for this is the fact that conventional energy sources seem to be programmed for read more..

“Free” or $0-down Solar – What’s the catch?

Solar Grants? A better question is: “How do I compare? What is best for me? A good apples-to-apples answer is the cost per KWhr, which is the basis for your utility bill. Right now, NSTAR and National Grid are charging about 20 cents per KWhr, and they want to increase it by 37% or to read more..

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