Solar Energy Storage

Solar energy storage is becoming more and more vital since over 48 percent of new electricity added to the national grid in the first quarter of 2013 was solar. Generating solar energy is getting easier and easier every day. Now we need to produce more efficient, effective, and safe ways to store it.

Finding and developing these new ways for solar energy storage will assist the use of renewable energy sources to become more mainstream in the U.S.

One major reason the need for this kind of storage is so high has to do with the renewable energy sources, like solar and wind power, producing energy at varying rates. Electricity generated by more convention means, such as the burning of coal or natural gas, produce power consistently. Developing effective means to store electricity produced by solar power will allow its merging into the grid more efficiently.

Also, having reliable solar energy storage systems will allow the energy to be available at times of disaster or at times solar systems are not generating, like at night. Operating independently of the grid at times of power outages, solar energy storage systems will provide backup electricity to the people who need it most at the time they need it most.

The electrical grid in our country still operates pretty much as it did a hundred years ago. Its infrastructure is vulnerable due to age and inefficiency. Developing solar energy storage systems that can feed into the grid can make the grid more reliable, more resilient, and more secure. All factors that will make our country stronger.

These more efficient and reliable solar energy storage systems will also make the use of solar energy more attractive to more people. Costs will go down as the availability of stored energy increases.

Alternate Energy in Plymouth, MA, has been selling, installing and services all manner of solar equipment since 1974. Over 38 years of practical experience. Continuing research and development keeps us at the top of our game in solar energy.

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