Why Upgrade Your Solar System?

Depending on how old your system is, it may be time to upgrade your solar system. With solar equipment getting less expensive all the time, this could be a good time to upgrade. Cheaper equipment means less expensive kilowatts also.

Once you decide to upgrade your solar system, there are some things you need to keep in mind. First, be sure of what you already have. Not only that, but how it’s working and the condition of the equipment on your roof or in your yard. Your original installer should have given you a detailed system manual that will tell you what it should be doing.

You need to be sure your solar panels look nearly good as new. This means no corrosion under the glass, and no yellowing or browning. Check the cables and any wiring to be sure no animals have chewed on them.

Take a look at your junction box to see if it’s leaking or has degraded. Any place the cables or wires enter your house, be sure the seals are intact and flexible. Look over your inverter and see whether there is any rust or obvious deterioration.

If doing this physical inspection, which requires you to climb onto your roof, is not something you’re comfortable doing, you need to contact a professional to get the job done. This is a good idea anyway, because your solar system produces voltages that could be deadly to you.

Another thing to do is make sure your system is generating close to the rating in its manual. Look at the inverter data logger or display and make sure you are getting about 80% of its rated output. This should be done on a good sunny day when the equipment is getting plenty of sun. If there’s a big discrepancy between rated output and actual output, ask your original installer, if available, to do a system check. If the original installer isn’t available, contact a professional.

All of these steps should be taken before you upgrade your solar system. After doing these things, you can start looking at the upgrades.

Keep Alternate Energy of Plymouth, MA, in mind for doing your inspection and for giving you direction in upgrading your solar system. Contact them today at 800-327-6527.

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