Solar Grants

7/15/2014 New MassCEC grants released – For Block 19, MassCEC

continues  its popular Commonwealth Solar 2 PV grants up to $3500 for

a 5KW system which will generate approximately 6000 kwhrs/year. These

grants have been lowered from the last quarter and will phase out at

the end of 2014. Act now to reserve your grant!


We continue to secure lower cost/watt and higher efficiency PV modules

and we can still build you solar electric systems with the best

financial and green returns in the industry.


MassCEC also offers solar hot water grants up to 25% of the system

cost! Combined with tax credits, the government is funding up to more

than 50% of solar hot water costs: Add the 30% Federal Tax Credit, and

the Government pays you up to 50%, some cases even more for you to

gain energy independence!


The Pre-paid SREC grant is a safe alternative to assist in the

purchase of solar electric, by paying you up to ANOTHER 30% of the

cost of a solar electric system.


Many of our clients put in both solar electric and thermal systems. We

provide a seamless coordinated service to get the best hassle-free

return from your roof or site! In many cases, the new solar hot water

grants are increased for combination solar PV and hot water

Contact us now to receive your maximum solar grants from Alternate Energy!


Why Go Solar: there is a “break-even point”


Application (product) pages:

EA Solar – Elegant Alternative Solar – Electrical and thermal energy from the same panel.

Solar-assisted and ground source heat pump – Heat pumps move heat and boost temperature.

Solar Electricity

Solar Heating and Hot Water

Wind Turbine

Battery systems Modular components so systems can operate without the power grid.

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